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No Pain – You’re Sane

This may be my new slogan. I’ve been trying to implement more discipline in my life, so I’ve started walking in the mornings over the past three weeks or so (and I’m blaming Boaz for it). I still haven’t gotten past the “I hurt. I ache. This is aweful. Why would anyone in their right mind be getting up an extra hour to do this to himself? Remind me what the point of this is…” phase. This morning as I was just past my midpoint, my calves started cramping. I actually called my wife on the way home to ask her if anyone has ever died from walking, because I felt as if I could at any moment. She laughed (some people are soooo insensitive!), I moaned, and pressed on.

By the time I made it home, I still ached, but not nearly as bad. I had to press myself to go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing in order to receive the payoff, rather than just quitting when it was uncomfortable. I guess this is the point of this entry: “No Pain – You’re Sane.” Sanity, as we know it, is just doing the norm. When things become tough and unbearable, we quit (or say G-d is “blocking” that path). But in order to rise above ourselves and go to that next level in our lives, we have to go beyond the pain, beyond sanity. We have to follow the lead of the Apostle Sha’ul (Paul) and beat our bodies (and minds and whatever else is getting in the way) into submission in order to attain the prize waiting for us in the end.

Here’s my plea: Don’t be sane!!! Start some insanity in your life and “crank it up a notch!” Let’s live beyond an egocentric existance. Let’s be movers and shakers for the Kingdom and see this world transformed!

I think I may have even inspired myself! Who knows…? Maybe tomorrow I’ll “crank it up a notch” myself and walk 2 blocks! :-D


Desktop Wallpapers

I just wanted to say “TODAH!” to everyone who has wrote to me and said they enjoyed the desktop wallpapers on my downloads page. There have been several people asking if I was planning on making more. The answer is “sort of.” I love doing it, but my time is limited. Also, I haven’t thought of another “theme” yet. Maybe you can help me. If you have suggestions for what you would like to see as a wallpaper, please add a comment on this post with your ideas. I would love to hear from you. This might make a new wallpaper or three appear a lot quicker…

Thanks again,

Posting Comments

Until recently I’ve only allowed “registered users” to post comments. Many people have had trouble with that or found it difficult, so I have opened it up to allow anyone to post a comment whether they are registered or not. Now posting your comments is a lot easier. Just click on the “comments” link at the bottom of the post and type your comments. Thanks to those who have commented and emailed me. I hope to be hearing from more of you.


Israel Updates

Let’s just say I’m glad my expectations didn’t come true regarding Hizbullah’s plan for striking hard on Tisha b’Av. There must have been some serious t’shuva (repentance) going on around the world, for which we are all grateful. Here is an overview of the attacks to date:

Chronology of Rocket Attacks
14:08 Aug 04, ’06 / 10 Av 5766

( Following is a chronology of rocket attacks during the past weeks.

July 12, 2006 – Six rockets were fired – 1 person wounded seriously, 2 moderate and 1 light.
July 13th – 133 rockets: 2 dead, 2 serious, 5 moderate, 112 light
July 14th – 108 rockets: 2 dead, 1 serious, 3 moderate, 50 light
July 15th – 126 rockets: 3 moderate, 13 light
July 16th – 36 rockets: 8 dead, 3 serious, 5 moderate, 54 light
July 17th – 95 rockets: 1 serious, 2 moderate, 18 light
July 18th – 127 rockets: 1 dead, 1 serious, 9 light
July 19th – 107 rockets: 2 dead, 1 moderate, 25 light
July 20th – 33 rockets: no injuries
July 21st – 92 rockets: 4 moderate, 18 light
July 22nd – 122 rockets: 2 serious, 2 moderate, 22 light
July 23rd – 88 rockets: 2 dead, 2 serious, 1 moderate, 44 moderate
July 24th – 103 rockets: 2 serious, 12 light
July 25th – 118 rockets: 2 dead, 7 moderate, 37 light
July 26th – 125 rockets: 1 serious
July 27th – 106 rockets: 26 light
July 28th – 107 rockets: 1 moderate, 19 light
July 29th – 93 rockets: 5 light
July 30th – 148 rockets: 2 moderate, 8 light
July 31st – 5 mortar shells: no injuries
August 1st – 12 mortars, 7 rockets: no injuries
August 2nd – 225 rockets: 1 dead, 1 moderate, 14 light
August 3rd – 163 rockets: 8 dead, 12 serious, 88 light

Update: Today (August 4th) there were reported to be over 200 rockets that landed, with numerous injuries (42 injured in the last wave of attacks alone).

Please continue to pray for the peace of Jerusalem that all of her children will turn to Hashem, and that the entire world will say, “Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you” (Zechariah 8:23).

Hizbullah’s Media Manipulation-Part 2

This is an incredible follow-up to my original post regarding Hizbullah’s ability to manipulate the media into turning the world against Israel.

It’s amazing how many cries of “Israel is a Children Killer” and such we see on these comments all over the internet. Do these people have any brains at all? This is all a setup. Hizbullah would have gladly detonated that building full of HUNDREDS of their own children if they thought the media would publish it. This is media propaganda on the part of Hizbullah and the world is falling for it. If the IAF actually did bomb that building with children in it, it’s either their own fault for not leaving after being warned, or more likely Hizbullah having forcing them to stay as a human shield. Let’s face it. Hizbullah doesn’t fight by the rules. They don’t have know the rules. Israel is fighting as fair as possible. They are being much more merciful than any other country in the world would have been. Below you will find some interesting perspectives on this bombing, particularly the time-frame discrepancies and the morbid probability that the women and children inside this shelter were already dead, another prop by Hizbullah for international sympathy. We now have a new feature film-making industry: Hezbollywood.

These articles appeared on a recent post by Lazer Brody:

Article 1
Article 2
Article 3
Article 4
Article 5

[Disclaimer: I don’t endorse any of these sites or the content, some of which may be offensive. The links provided here are for informational purposes only.]