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Weeping Instead of Joy

Today should be a very happy day, but unfortunately it is filled with grief. Yesterday was my youngest son’s second birthday. We drove back to NW AR this morning so that all of our family could get together to celebrate his birthday. Although it was still a day to bless him for the coming year,…

New Server

Well, I’ve kept my same host, but they’ve moved my site to a different server and it seems to be working very nicely now. Please let me know if you notice any pages missing that I need to republish that may have got lost in the shuffle. -dh

Website Problems

I’m having serious website problems right now. I believe it’s a combination of both my blogging software (Blogger) and my host (Canaca). I plan on switching from one or both of them as soon as possible. Please bear with me during this time.

No Pain – You’re Sane

This may be my new slogan. I’ve been trying to implement more discipline in my life, so I’ve started walking in the mornings over the past three weeks or so (and I’m blaming Boaz for it). I still haven’t gotten past the “I hurt. I ache. This is aweful. Why would anyone in their right…

Desktop Wallpapers

I just wanted to say “TODAH!” to everyone who has wrote to me and said they enjoyed the desktop wallpapers on my downloads page. There have been several people asking if I was planning on making more. The answer is “sort of.” I love doing it, but my time is limited. Also, I haven’t thought…